So even after reading the first post you’ve decided to stick around? Cool, welcome aboard. I can’t promise smooth sailings or pretty views but I can guarantee for some thought provoking material on the behaviour and actual happenings in the life of some who feel they have no voice. Or those who have a voice but feel they can only use it when they are protected by their masks.

Masks are funny things, we all hide things from others. That’s just normal life, right?

But what happens when you become so isolated from the very people who should love you unconditionally that your mask evolves into another persona? The quiet, scared and lost person struggling to breathe beneath the conforming smile. The person who only appears in the silence of night, you’re own vampire if you will, because if you look in the mirror it’s not them who’s looking back at you. No. It’s your mask, staring back with hollow, knowing eyes and you stare back, hoping it will never break because when it does it won’t be something you forget. Ever.