The idea of blogging was suggested by a friend, so if it’s crap please let me know and I will be more than happy to blame them.

The aim of this blog is not simple. It is not merely a forum in which I can express my entire life story. It is a place where I can disappear into myself by disclosing certain details in my life, in the hope to connect with people in similar situations.

What situation am I in?

Well my family are Muslim and by being a part of this family, for the time being, I too was brought up with Islamic teachings. But there’s one slight problem…I’m gay. I think that’s the first time I’ve actually written that and to be honest it feels terrifying.

This blog will be the arena to harbour the conflicts I’ve faced, still facing and have yet to face, in the bid to hopefully tell my family who I really am and for them to accept me. I realise my writing style and or topics are not for everyone, however if you do decide to stick around. I’d be grateful for any words of support, criticism or just for others who are trapped in their own void to open up on this secure site.

I believe in equality for all and never to judge others until full knowledge is gained of their situation. But I know not everyone lives by that, as you will come to see in future posts.